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How do you keep your SWD Data and profits from going downhole?

When operating a modern Salt Water Disposal well, there is no disputing that data management and invoicing are critical to the plant’s profitability. Operators must know the origin, volume, truck, time of delivery, and date for all of the loads entering the system. This identification information can be entered by the SWD operator or by the truck driver in either a paper ticket format or a touch-pad computer screen on-site. SWDs have unique requirements for accounting, administrative duties, and mandatory reporting to the state or Tribe. Many owners find it frustrating when trying to find a data management system that is flexible and able to accommodate the demands of a SWD.

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SWDI Investor’s Guide – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and the Salt Water Disposal Well

SWDI Investor’s Guide – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and the Salt Water Disposal Well    

SWDI Preferred Controls     


August 2, 2013

Today’s automatic sensors and control software can enhance the efficiency and economics of an SWD well. This blog post will detail the off-the-shelf options that are currently available and the advantages that the SWD operator can gain from their use. The blog post is authored by the SWDI and Harold Desautel of Preferred Controls, Minot North Dakota.

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