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An Unattended SWD Operation

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With the price of oil  falling to lows not seen since 2009, producers are putting pressure on SWD operators to reduce the price charged for frack flow-back and produced water disposal. In order to run more efficient SWD plant operations and reduce man-power costs, SWD companies are turning to automation so that operators are not needed full-time on location.

PREFERRED CONTROLS an automation company in Minot, North Dakota has the solutions to lean out operating costs while maintaining control. When running an unmanned plant there are several processes that need to be monitored. First the trucking companies that will be using the facility need to enter their assigned I.D. code into a touch screen along with the truck number, barrels of… Continue reading

Independent Monitoring of SWDs


Introduction: Working interest or Royalty interest owners in commercial SWDs may wish to have access to operating parameters of their well. Operators of commercial SWDs may wish to provide operations data to regulators or to major investors. In any case, technology to provide this information is routinely available and inexpensive.

We have already discussed wireless monitoring of SWDs and SCADA systems for safe and accurate operations. The technology is mature and mostly off-the-shelf. While somewhat expensive, the data obtained can assist the operator in maintaining good conditions for filters, pumps, and the well itself. Monitoring equipment is operated and maintained by the owners of the SWD who have the use of the information. The operator can use the data to fine-tune the SWD and… Continue reading

SWDI Investor’s Guide – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and the Salt Water Disposal Well

SWDI Investor’s Guide – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and the Salt Water Disposal Well    

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August 2, 2013

Today’s automatic sensors and control software can enhance the efficiency and economics of an SWD well. This blog post will detail the off-the-shelf options that are currently available and the advantages that the SWD operator can gain from their use. The blog post is authored by the SWDI and Harold Desautel of Preferred Controls, Minot North Dakota.

Plant Control System
Choosing the correct… Continue reading