How do you keep your SWD Data and profits from going downhole?

When operating a modern Salt Water Disposal well, there is no disputing that data management and invoicing are critical to the plant’s profitability. Operators must know the origin, volume, truck, time of delivery, and date for all of the loads entering the system. This identification information can be entered by the SWD operator or by the truck driver in either a paper ticket format or a touch-pad computer screen on-site. SWDs have unique requirements for accounting, administrative duties, and mandatory reporting to the state or Tribe. Many owners find it frustrating when trying to find a data management system that is flexible and able to accommodate the demands of a SWD.

With today’s market volatility, it is extremely important to streamline data management processes, reduce labor costs, and minimize errors in all aspects of the operation. The current “downturn” lends itself perfectly for owners to take a step back, assess their business, and sharpen their pencils. Doing so is critical to the bottom line. Handling multitudes of accounts, fluid types, and other variables, accounting departments can easily become overwhelmed when attempting to organize data and report the needs of their operation.

One of the biggest challenges is finding flexible, easy-to-use solutions that are customizable for all; it’s YOUR data. Keeping the information local is beneficial for accessibility, backup, and seamless productivity during the inevitable Internet downtimes. An emerging solution to these challenges is the SWData database tool developed by Preferred Controls. SWD owners can purchase this product with an easy-to-use on-site touchscreen for ticket entry. SWData has been uniquely designed, specifically, for use in SWDs and fresh water depots.

One major feature includes the most up-to-date oil and gas producing property asset-lookup directly from the most recent State database. The driver or SWD operator can search the latest state database by lease name or API Number, or location. Once entered, the information is available in the customizable database to do accounting, invoicing and production tracking for your plant.

The accounting and invoicing portion of SWData allows for input of customer account information, the type of water, price per barrel, along with the ability to separate invoices by trucking company or producer. State required monthly reporting is easily done with SWData.

With SWData, there are no recurring monthly charges to you the customer. Data storage is local and collectively accessible by your administrative staff – whether the business model consists of one SWD or dozens. Since each site has its own server, there is no need for storage in some off-site location, and remote access is a snap. Implement data backup systems easily, and never worry about downtime – it is not reliant on a live Internet connection.

Because of its flexible design, SWData allows the end user to customize data fields and data queries the accounting department needs to use, in the format they want. Because each plant has its own unique data needs, a customizable software platform is advantageous over cloud-based products, which only allow for one solution across the whole system.

SWData is clearly the choice to fulfill data and administrative needs.

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Bruce G. Langhus, PhD