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An Unattended SWD Operation

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With the price of oil  falling to lows not seen since 2009, producers are putting pressure on SWD operators to reduce the price charged for frack flow-back and produced water disposal. In order to run more efficient SWD plant operations and reduce man-power costs, SWD companies are turning to automation so that operators are not needed full-time on location.

PREFERRED CONTROLS an automation company in Minot, North Dakota has the solutions to lean out operating costs while maintaining control. When running an unmanned plant there are several processes that need to be monitored. First the trucking companies that will be using the facility need to enter their assigned I.D. code into a touch screen along with the truck number, barrels of… Continue reading

Do SWDs Cause Earthquakes? Induced Seismicity Revisited

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Earthquakes and oil and gas activity won’t go away. The contemporary news media love the concept of oil wells causing catastrophic earthquakes. And we all want to read the sensational headlines, however unbelievable and irrational the headlines are. Several states see the phenomenon and try to come to terms with it. Oklahoma made headlines recently by posting the largest number of quakes of any state except Alaska in 2014. The city of Irving, Texas made headlines by detecting 11 quakes in one day. What are the chances that these events are tied to oil and gas activity, what is the threat to human health, and how will these events affect the upstream oil and gas business in the near-term?


Correlating Oil and… Continue reading