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Filter Systems Applicable to SWDs

Waste water injectate may contain a significant volume of particulate material when it is delivered to the SWD. Initial filtering and settling within the tank battery will remove most of the particulates from the stream. Final filtering prior to injection may be needed. While some SWD operators do not use filters prior to injection, there are several alternative technologies that can easily be applied to initial and final filtration in order to protect the injection zone and extend the well’s useful life. These technologies are discussed below and can be used for either initial or final filtering steps.


Filtration with Replaceable Filters
The simplest setup for filtration involves a steel vessel with several internal filter-pods that accept single-use fabric filters or perforated, re-useable… Continue reading

Alternatives to High-Volume Injection Wells

Local, State, and National news media are packed with articles about oil and gas wells, specifically injection wells, causing significant earthquakes. In Texas, Ohio, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado geologists have documented the temporal and special links between high-volume disposal wells and earthquakes. While detectable and mappable, many of these quakes have not been felt by surface dwellers in the area, nonetheless, it is rather unknown what future effects these small quakes may have upon the surface environment. Regulators and general citizens are becoming more and more concerned about the small quakes. It will behoove the Commercial SWD owner/operator to be aware of these trends and consider their options.

The Commercial Disposal Well
In order for an SWD to be an economic success, it must… Continue reading