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SWDI Investors’ Guide – Business Plans

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SWDI Investors’ Guide – Business Plans                                                           May 15, 2013

A comprehensive business plan is a necessity for any new or existing SWD project. Business plan will detail the timing and magnitude of expenses and revenue and illustrate their effects on profits. The plan may include months just passed as well as future projections. The plan lays out in black and white the basics of the project for… Continue reading

Earthquakes and Best Management Practices

SWDI Investors’ Guide – Earthquakes and Best Management Practices    April 30, 2013



Fairy Tale: A large oil and gas company operates a fully permitted disposal well on the outskirts of a city in the Heartland of America. The well has operated flawlessly for several years taking the company’s waste water and waste water from the city’s water treatment plant. Then the earthquakes start – not large but noticeable – in this city that has never known tremors. The mayor asks the company to stop injecting water, the company complies, the quakes stop. This multi-million dollar well is no longer used and the city and oil company must find other options for handling waste water.

Induced earthquakes have been mentioned several… Continue reading