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The Start-Up SWD Company

SWDI Investors’ Guide – The Start-Up SWD Company April 20, 2013

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Income, costs, and profits from saltwater disposal (SWD) wells fit into a complex equation. Oil and gas activity, good access, capable disposal well, and an experienced operator can combine to make an attractive start-up waste-water disposal company worthy of significant investment. This current post is a bullet list: business plan, market analysis, operational experience and due diligence issues for the careful investor considering a new start-up company.

New water management companies can start quickly anywhere in the oil patch; the bar-to-entry is low in terms of everything but money and frequently these ventures will seek start-up capital. The new venture and the prospective investor need a check list of important questions that require… Continue reading

SWDI Investors’ Guide – SWDs and Earthquakes, Part 2

                         April 15, 2013

Induced earthquakes have been mentioned several times in this blog. In the past few weeks, however, a new technical paper has been published and has received widespread coverage in the media. The paper contains considerable new data and new interpretation that bears upon the interconnection of deep disposal wells and shallow earthquakes. We will attempt to summarize the paper and assess how the research changes our views of SWD and earthquakes and whether this new paper could have implications for regulatory control of deep injection wells.

Keranen, K.M., H.M. Savage, G.A. Abers, and E.S. Cochran et al: Potentially induced earthquakes in Oklahoma: Links between wastewater injection and the… Continue reading